CRAFTWAND® is a solid wood constructive system with a durable multi-use scope and unrivaled visual and functional adaptability.


The CRAFTWAND® modular wood wall system consists of solid beech wood modules with an in-built fastening solution, which makes it simple to assemble interior non-structural walls and room dividers as well as complementary furniture. Simply lock the modules together and reinforce them using dowel pins and screws. CRAFTWAND® can be easily constructed, dismantled and reconstructed, and it adapts to residential, commercial, hospitality, and corporate environments.


heavy, massiv wood, customizable, integrated features, natural

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Feature modules are designed with special cut-outs and embedded
features for various functional for embellishment purposes.

For keys or other small paraphernalia, gadgets, cosmetics, flowers, wine bottles,
kitchen spices, olive oil & vinegar bottles, sockets and lights. Other modules with
perforated geometric pattern (rectangular or round) are designed to enable or
control the flow of light, air and views in craftwand® screens.




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The natural tone of CRAFTWAND® is given by the characteristic color and grain pattern of European beech wood.

If stronger contrast to the interior dominant tone is required, the natural colour can also be altered with stain, darkened or lightened up. Warm neutrals, such as notes in medium brown can be attained as well. Charring is also available as a high-end option for altering the surface texture and colour.




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