CRAFTWAND® is a green, durable, chemical free and environmentally friendly alternative to existing trade fair booth solutions.

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Let’s create a booth designs that tell your brand’s story.

Exhibition booths that transform your brand into an engaging experience.

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Circular Economy

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CRAFTWAND® can be repeatedly dismantled and cycled back into use, even re-shaped or re-purposed with no loss of quality, looking as great this year as it does the next, the year after that, and the years thereafter. The installation is fast and easy, with no dirt or debris, or damage to the pre-existing finishes. In line with the circular economy approach, the system is characterized by its durability and recirculation potential.

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Our favourite open plan solution.

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H-shaped Display

H-shaped display solution.

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Free standing lectern solution.

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Divide your office.

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T-shaped display

T-shaped display solution.

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Tall booth to separate spaces.


Z-Shaped reception desk

First impressions are lasting impressions.

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